Dental Tourism in the Heart of Budapest: Top-Quality Crowns, Implants, and Laser Treatment with Advanced CT-Scan Diagnostics

Discover our skilled dental team in Budapest, boasting over 15 years of expertise! We offer extensive dental services, emphasizing high-quality treatments and complete oral restoration. Trust your smile to the hands of our dedicated professionals

CAD/CAM Technology

Quick crown production within hours using precision computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Laser Dentistry

Versatile for endodontics, periodontics, and surgery, enhancing treatment effectiveness and patient comfort.

Microscopic Root Canal

Detailed visibility for complex treatments, improving success rates and preserving tooth structure.

Rapid Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics crafted in a few hours with high aesthetic and precision standards.

Dental Tourism

Experience the benefits of dental tourism with us, where you can combine world-class dental care with the beauty and culture of Budapest, all at an affordable cost.

Everything in One place

Broad treatment range including crowns, bridges, and implants, offering solutions for various dental needs.

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Your dental travel step by step The first step is to contact us for a free dental treatment plan. In order to get a treatment plan, you can send us a panoramic dental radiogram and explain your expectations and our dentists will set up your detailed treatment plan. You can also visit us in…
Atila Kizur

First of all very gentle, careful, kind and very professional staff!!! A painless root treatment/extraction! It was plesure being a patient! . . . and I'm goin'g back 😁

Soma Ludas

Extremely nice people and fast service!

Gábor Puska

Örülök, hogy Gregus Vanda doktornő a fogorvosi szakmát választotta! Kedves, hozzáértő és ráadásul sikeresen kiűzte belőlem az általános iskolai fogászati kezelésekből fakadó traumáimat! 😀

Károly Göbölyös

The place is nice, clean, modern, and easily accessible. The doctors we came into contact with are all kind, thorough and professional! With a maximum offer of 5*

András Bánki

I don't like going there 😀 because it's a dental procedure, but I'm hysterical, circumstantial, suffering with me, but I'm completely satisfied and that's the big word! Everyone can go to Dr. Vanda with confidence!!! She explains everything, you can ask her anything! Thank you so much and thank you!

Katalin Varga

I've been coming here for 10 years (wisdom teeth removal, annual tartar removal) and I'm always satisfied.

Foucart roxane

For my part, my experience was fabulous. After several quotes in France for 5 implants and sky-high prices of €12,000 to €18,000 without the bone strike. I could not afford to pay such a sum. So I went to Hungary and there what was my surprise for 5 implants 6000 € and I won't even tell you the material they have: The printing of the 3D crown is perfect, as is the result. Everything is recent and modern like the clinic.

Eminent Chords

A very professional team, they are neat and kind! You can easily forget your old fears! Fair prices and a soothing environment with paintings.

  • Oral examination, oncological screening €45
  • Panoramic X-ray €40
  • Ceramic crown E-max Ivoclar CAD/CAM (in 1 hour) €400
  • Implant ICX (German) €450
  • Abutment ICX €180
  • Crown E-max CAD/CAM, screwed on ICX (crown+abutment) in 1 hour €550

Our services Dental Palace

Discover our dental services in Budapest: Crowns, Implants, Laser Treatment, Endodontics, and Prosthetics – Your path to a healthier, brighter smile

CBCT-scan diagnose

Precision with CBCT scans – Transforming dental diagnostics.

Implants and surgery

Treatment with dental implants will give you back the enjoyment, comfort and aesthetics that you have lost.

Root Canals

Endodontics: Preserving teeth, relieving pain.

Tooth extraction

Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients’ dental health and enhancing smiles.

Tooth Fillings

Dental composite fillings: Seamlessly restore your smile.

Dental Hygiene

Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients’ dental health and enhancing smiles.

Treatment under Microscope

Dental composite fillings: Seamlessly restore your smile.

Lifetime Retainer

Keep your smile perfect with our Retainer. It's essential for maintaining your teeth's alignment long after treatment.

Laser Dental Treatments

Experience less discomfort and faster recovery with our cutting-edge laser treatments. Ideal for soft tissue procedures, our lasers ensure precise results with minimal downtime.


Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients’ dental health and enhancing smiles.

Meet Our Specialist

Meet our highly skilled Budapest dental team with 10 years of experience and expertise in Endodontics, Implants, Crowns, and Prosthetics. We're here to provide you with top-quality dental care and create lasting smiles